New Pool

The brand new pool opened in Centerville Iowa today and offered to let people swim for free from 12-7 PM today. So my family went and we had fun though the water was super cold..

What’s it like to be a naturist?

Many folks don’t know this about me but those who do ask me “What is it like to be a naturist”? So today I plan to “come out of the closet” so to speak. I want to write a bit about the naturist lifestyle & share a couple photos of myself enjoying nudism.

First, being a naturist isn’t about porn nor is it a perverted act though sadly many textiles think that way and deem it as sexual or perverted in nature. Naturists simply enjoy life living without being restricted by clothing whenever possible and are often found nude doing everyday tasks such as cleaning, yard work, painting, relaxing, working or even gaming! To learn more about nudism and the lifestyle read this article “What is a nudist” that I wrote in 2014.

A little background history

Let me start with stating that I have been a nudist/naturist for over 20 years and I normally do it in the privacy of my own home, though I have shared nudes on TwitterSnapChat, True Nudists & Ello sometimes to try to promote the lifestyle.

I have very few local friends and even fewer friends who are interested or at least have come out to state they are interested in nudism let alone felt comfortable if I was nude around them. I have answered my door nude at least once or twice when friends came over and welcomed them in and they did enter and were actually surprisingly ok with me being nude in their presence & didn’t comment on the size of my package or anything like that.

I have been to several nudist related events where I wore no clothing what-so-ever and to me it feel so natural and amazing that I was sad when I had to finally get dressed and head home.

To date, I still haven’t been nude around my 3 kids because I didn’t raise them to be nudists from when they were a baby though I hope to try to raise my youngest as a naturist in hopes that he will be as comfortable with his body as I am.

So, What is it like being a naturist?

To me being a naturist is simply about being free from clothing & not be restricted by clothing while you sleep, work, and play. I have done all sorts of stuff without clothing and I would be nude in my everyday life if society allowed it.

If you haven’t tried the naturist lifestyle then I strongly recommend you try it & soon!

How to get into nudism?

Best way is to start slowly so try some of the following to break into nudism!

  • Talk to other real nudists about the nudist lifestyle and evaluate if it’s right for you.
  • Don’t get dressed right after a shower & stay nude as long as possible.
  • Spend time at home in your birthday suit.
  • Meet other nudist friends and try being nude around them.
  • Try going to a clothing optional resort and undress as you feel more comfortable.

Above are just some ideas and feel free to comment if you have more or simply enjoyed this article! Thanks for reading!